Narrativium III

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The Hand That Feeds – live stream capture

9 Mini eBooks each one tweeted in real-time as the songs were being performed – [Story Collection hosted via Steller – LINK]


Narrativium III: The Hand That Feeds: A musical about food crime

The Hand That Feeds - A5 Flyer Design WEBThe New Optimists commissioned and are currently in rehearsal for a song cycle about food crime.

This is the Introduction Video on YouTube, please share and embed to your site, blogs and social media pages. Don’t for get to tweet link with the #StopFoodCrime tag and put a link in the comments of this page too.

Summed up by Kate Cooper… “Unlike the composer who has a more sophisticated musical view of the world than I do, I like to think of rock-opera-meets-Greek-chorus-meets-community-choir-meets-jazz-composition . . .”

It will be performed in front of St Martins in the Bullring on 14th May 2016 twice, at midday and at 2:30pm.

The Hand That Feeds - A5 Flyer Design WEB2It’s proving huge fun to do. Much more than fun of course — the content is about food crime and its impact, plus the science behind both the unscrupulous criminals and those who find ’em.

StopFoodCrime_Funding_Bodies_Logos_groupWe’re grateful to our sponsors (see above) without whom this madcap project couldn’t have got off the ground let alone be so close to fruition.

An update to the Elliott Review was published by Birmingham Food Council in May 2015

Meet The Company… in pictures
The Hand That Feeds - Company