Narrativium II

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Narrativium II: A Geography of Birmingham in 100 Meals

The idea for this ‘100 meals’ project was sparked by Jim Parle’s memorable remark during the Birmingham 2050 Scenarios Project, eating is social glue. Its purpose is to bring together people from across the city to share each other’s company over good food. We ran a pilot project in 2015 led by Tom , from which we learned a lot, in particular what not to do.

We’re now planning a follow-up major project which will involve the collection and collation of lots of interesting data and factoids about the food we eat as well as about the city itself.

We’re carrying out a pilot for an exciting project: A geography of Birmingham in 100 meals.

The idea is that the full project will organise 100 meals across all the wards of Birmingham, so people from different backgrounds can come together, meet, talk and learn from each other over a meal.

The food won’t be extravagant or out-of-the-ordinary for the ‘host’, but something they’d regularly prepare for themselves and their families.

Then info about the conversation and the food will be collated, along with info about the hosts and their guest/s — anonymised of course.  Then we’ll then have an interesting ‘map’ of the city and its people and what they’re talking about when in good company.

Yup, and no doubt fun will be had and new friendships made. Food. Yay! Eating is social glue.

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